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Teksty piosenek
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Wino,wina, sklep winiarski - najlepsze wina wed逝g winiarskich przewodnik闚.


Calibretto 13 - From Me To You

you tell me that you're praying for me
you tell me that I'm blind and can't see
you tell me I'm bound and need to be set free
its so hard to believe cos your just like me
you tell me I have a drug/alcohol addiction
yet you offer no way out no solution
you tell me if I dont change my ways I'll be condemned to hell
well maybe youre right but oh well
its so easy to show me what I'm doing wrong
its so easy to point out all my sins
but what about you arent you supposed to show me love
isnt that how you Christians are supposed to live
you tell I need to follow Jesus and I need to change my ways
but why would I want to be like you you always seem so ashamed
you tell I need to get saved from this fury pit
but who wants to serve the God of a hypocrite
until you start to practice what you preach
dont ever expect me to change the way I live

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Fragment na dzis:

Anastacia : Black roses

Whoa, hah

Tell you a story of a love I left behind
It was a broken fairy tale
I gave up all my pride
Let love inside
But tore me all apart when you played with my heart

Let me paint a picture of a cold and rai-
ny night
As the candles fade to black
I played our favorite song
'Til the needle was gone
I've taken all I can,
You've played your last hand

Black roses and a bottle of wine
Those were the only things that I left behind
p searching 'cause it's so hard to find
All you got are the tears that you cry
Black roses and wine

Oh yeah

Sorry situation when your castle's made of sand
And it washes out to sea
I pushed your love aside
Cried my last....

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